Construction project:

Norway: Villa Resell



Detached three-storey villa of about 150 sqm. Living room + two floors.

Full concrete villa in the proper sense of the word. The entire villa is manufactured in Resaro's concrete elements. The outer roof is also made of concrete elements (however homogeneous blocks). Walls with solid thermal insulation exterior.

Designed by Architect Resell Arkidéco A / S in collaboration with Resaro AB. Resaro has drawn up the design and ventilation drawings.

Three floors with Resaro flooring elements provide floor heating in all floors.

Bygg-Element Stjørdal A / S has manufactured Resaro concrete elements for the entire villa.
They have invested in new hanging molds for the flooring elements in order to be able to cast flanges and discs in one and the same work step - Rational production.

The walls of Resaro's design with the patented toothed attachment. Internal concrete slab with fixed insulation and plaster exterior. (No thermal bridges through the thermal insulation).

Even in this special house, the costs have been kept low as Resaro's energy system is used, and that all installations are made inside the joists.



Bygg-Element Stjørdal A/S
erects a three floor villa in Stjørdal, Norway.

The bottom floor structural elements during fitting.

The floor rests on load supporting heat insulation.
The basement walls are put on a shelf, built in the strengthening edge beams.

The basement floor is not expensive when using the Resaro system.

Standard housing accommodation furnished with warm floor.

Walls with cast in heat insulation

Beautiful work of concrete art.

Entrance floor

Ceiling and wall surfaces are ready for painting or wallpapering.

All installations will be done inside the structural floors.

Hidden but accessible.

The tooth-like support projections on the floor element plates fits in the recesses of the supply wall.

The floor elements gives a centrical load at the wall plate without causing bending forces.
   Detail of the support projections.

"Dovetail- shaped" recesses and tooth-like projections eliminates the need for steel studs.

Gives elastic support without concrete plates touching each other.

Breaks the sound transmission.
The wall above rests on the tooth-like projections of the lower wall, which projections can be seen in the picture on the top of the wall element.

Also this load works centrical and without causing moments.

Without bending forces on the wall, the wall plate can be made much thinner, which also increases the thickness of the thermal insulation outside of the framework.

In addition without cold bridges!

Such an energy effective utilize of the building materials results in considerable less heating costs.
  Oriel in wood
  Water tight from above and soon ready for puttying


Storvretsv. 39
142 31 Skogas
Phone +4670 723 3090