A hill side semi detached Resaro villa


The openings for doors and windows have an embrasure of about 100 mm both inside and outside. This gives intensity to the facing and prevent the pieces of carpentry.

The embrasures are inside formed by thin concrete.

On the outside the openings are plastered right up to the window frames.

The window frames are fixed to cast in impregnated wooden studs.

These three pictures can be cut out together.
The balcony floor are visible in the foreground. The concrete will be covered with a thick insulation layer and a sheet metal layer and a wooden duck board. - No cold bridges here either.

The entrance and the entire wall of the upper floor are made of three element blocks joined together as shown in the photo. A beam in the bottom covers the structural floor outwards. - Rationally.

The half round window will be visible from inside of the dwelling at this floor.
A free headroom of 2,8 m in both floors.

Panorama part 1
Now we are up in the level of the roof. Please take the opportunity and enjoy the view

250 mm solid heat insulation - Without any cold bridges around the entire house, also beneath the house - Alike a warm skiing-sock at wintertime.
Summertime - a heavy, well insulated shell makes it feasible to keep the dwelling cool.

Panorama part 2
The vapor barrier assembles.
Panorama part 3
Panorama part 4
Panorama part 5
Here you can see how well insulated the house is.

The vapor barrier and an elastic sealing band squeezes together between a fastened sill and the wall concrete slab.
Draught tight in a place where it usually, with conventional building methods, results in a very bad performance.

The angle irons will be attachment for the roof trusses.

Detail of a welding joint.

In this building we normally locates the jointing iron above the wall element slabs. - Lying welds results in a considerably reduced welding time.

Poetry of roof trusses.
More poetry of roof trusses.
The roof trusses have been designed additional high at the part above the outer wall. By that we avoid the roof insulation being to thin. This is a detail people are careless about in today erecting.
The nail sheet metal joining the roof trusses allows advanced designing.

The Masonite boards ensure the ventilation of the attic.

Clever jointed big wooden boards without cross pieces facilitates the work of the roof paneling.

....... no cross pieces.

Classic appearance.

The outer wall already ready for plastering.
View from the lake.
Draining plates and glass fibre canvas. Time to fill up the ground.
Please observe that the sever pipes and the electricity cables are conducted through the basement wall.
Service room.
Holes for air ducts, electricity cables and sever pipes are included in the building kit. Also installation drawings and a by Resaro special designed air heat unit.

The electrician has started his work before the roof is on. Rationally.

The concrete elements are completely insensible of the clerk of the weather. Rain and snow are no problems during the erecting time.

The installations inside the structural floor have begun - still no roof.

The photo shows condensate insulating of the inlet air duct for the fireplace. It is very important that the condensate shelter is watertight all the way from the outside of the outer wall right up to the heat from the heating stove.

Put in the windows, blow up the loose insulating stuff to the attic and switch on the heater.

Enjoy an energy conserving living with soft warm floors during wintertime.
Enjoy a fairly acceptable indoor climate when the temperature retains about 35 grader Celsius outdoors at summertime.

Feel how your windpipe widens when you get home. Now three allergic persons lives in Resaro villas - And feels excellent at home.





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