Lervik Osteraker


RESARO together with CSCE AB has designed a unique framework for the upper floor.

In spite of the moderate roof angle of 38 degrees inclination and the low room height at the lower part of the ceiling, we have a room height of almost three meters at the ridge.

The roof construction will rest on an all round reaching sill

The vapour barrier for the upper floor is squeezed between an elastic spacer and the sill, secured with cement.

Unwanted airflow is not tolerated

The exhaust air fan is then granted full control over the airflow.


Small houses of a similar kind of conventional upper floor design, usually are very bad heat insulated!

These houses are often also very thin insulated.

The lower parts are also the place for air leaks.

  Together with MACO-Dach we have created a well insulated roof by combining the company's 170 mm thick shed flakes of insulating cellular plastic with conventional mineral wool insulating between the wood frames.

MACO-Dach's insulation also serves as support for walking.

The battening is done direct on the wood frames

The visible parts from underneath of the roof is panelled to hide the plastic.


Detail of the MACO-Dach insulation.

The roofing tiles are put direct on the cellular plastic shed flakes who are are formed to receive the tiles, as well as for the water runoff.

No ridges have been used in these parts of the roof construction.


All forces from the upper floor constructions are supported by the outer wall concrete slabs.

No inside columns have been needed for the roof supporting.

The bottom floor neither have any load supporting internal walls, so full freedom for the planning is still remaining.

 C O N S T R U C T I O N S  


Advanced construction solutions and new thoughts are Resaro's speciality



The internal mineral wool insulation is inserted between the roof frames.

The vapour barrier forms an entirely intact layer all the why up to the ridge without any air leaks.

Self-draught threw leaks is nothing to wish, as this have an injurious effect on the comfort and results in a bad energy economy.

All ventilation air passes threw the heating unit and is circulated everywhere inside the living rooms.

 I N S T A L L A T I O N S  

The installations demands a minimum of projecting.

This gives important timesaving and reduces the need for coordination between different contractors.

Also the ventilation ducts are hidden inside the intermediate floor.

Electric wiring are put in tubes that are simply installed inside the structural floor and lowers the costs.

Movable sockets are used along the external walls.

In this villa we have just used three apparatus boxes cast in inside the external walls: At the entrance and beside the door to the veranda, where there are no internal walls connected to the outer walls.

Ready for painting.

The lower panel boarding will be nailed as soon as the base cladding is ready.

A beautiful villa that well suites the old fashioned environment.

Who would from outside have suspected that this house is built in solid concrete with good cooling qualities at heat waves and with an energy conserving heavy framework "just large enough" for cold weather conditions.

With "soft under floor heating" and produced to a building price that today is not exceeding other constructors. But with a living quality which is superior to today conventional constructions, with certified good conditions for our residents with allergic responses.

At home they escapes their dust allergy inconveniences and attacks of asthma.




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